Tongue In Cheek Optimism

February 18, 2017

I am optimistic that we are in for a very interesting next four years.
I am optimistic that even though one political party may at the present control/influence all three branches of government at least one will attempt to hold in check any of the others if they tilt just a little too far towards batshit crazy.
I am optimistic that if I am wrong about number two then we should all get our hand baskets ready and don our best flame-retardant casual wear.
I am optimistic that eventually, we will all have at least one friend who will have the loving courage to point out that our own current course of action might better be rethought and remain the friend that helps to pick up the pieces after we ignore their advice.
I am optimistic that people with brains and the capacity to use them for more than their own advancement and comfort will one day come to the fore. At least before it is too late.
I am equally optimistic that I may never live to see that day but for those who do, you enjoy your better life.
I am optimistic that one day we will all be able to laugh at our shortcomings, learn from them and change ourselves for the better.
I am guardedly optimistic that we can eradicate ignorance without resorting to killing every last stupid person on the earth. Besides, where would we end up burying them all?
This knave will now curb thine own tongue but stopping my fingers from pounding letters/words from my keyboard is another matter indeed.


If you have something to say, say it, I am not easily offended.

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