The Things I Miss the Most

February 14, 2017

My birthday follows on the heels of Valentine’s Day. This year, deemed to be an exceptionally more significant anniversary, my 70th, by one sister, it was suggested that instead of the usual sibling house gathering with pizza, wings and a homemade cake of choice we should all gather at a local restaurant for the festivities. The cake would still be homemade, carrot with cream cheese frosting, thank you very much. Pie, almost any type except pumpkin, would be equally acceptable, but cake goes farther even though I am unaware at this point in time just who will show up, it will probably be just the usual suspects. Seeing that the suggested restaurant happens to serve a particularly excellent type of French Fries, I am sure I can build a meal around that that I will enjoy, so I acquiesced, maybe a little too quickly. I am hoping no one noticed. Also, no attendees will be expecting to do the dishes. Always a plus.
Presents are something that both Valentine’s Day and birthdays have in common even though one’s selection maybe a little more heartfelt than the others. Not being, at least in my viewpoint, a particularly close family it is always a struggle to find a meaningful gift for any occasion. I always have to ask another of my siblings just what the remainder of them could possibly want and even they come up wanting.
When in doubt go to the source is always good advice. So when I was asked what I would like for my birthday, I had to ponder for a moment. There are many items on my Amazon Wish List that I would like but could live without and that is why they are on a wish list. At times such as these, my wants tend more to the intrinsic and very few stores do indeed stock such items.
This being, as I have mentioned before, a significant anniversary and with the U.S. Actuarial Tables in mind, I told her, “I would like to fall in love one last time.”

Not an unreasonable wish, but one none the less I will be making when blowing out a multitude of candles.


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