I Think Therefore, It Is My Opinion

February 13, 2017

There are very few things in life that are so conclusively true. We invariably fall back on death and taxes.
Every politician seems to be working on the taxes bit, either trying their best to make them as little as possible or actually raising them enough to pay for the things that benefit society instead of putting it all on the National Debt Credit Card.
There is probably a small number of scientists and doctors, mad or not, working on the aging thing, but I imagine that by the time they come up with anything remotely promising I will have aged beyond the point of wanting to remain in the physical condition that I will then be. Now if they can also reverse the aging process, that may be something I could consider. Sort of like a video game do-over.
So everything else seems to be destined to fall into the category of opinion. Granted there are some areas of knowledge that have a such a preponderance factual research to back them up that you could almost quite safely say that these were truths/facts and move them out of the realm of opinion. But then there is always someone who believes that you can’t say with 100% assurance that this is the case. As a matter of fact, they can usually offer an alternative idea which is nothing more than fanciful speculation. In other words, their opinion. This is the point where were it not for the law and the punishment for breaking these laws you would like to introduce said person to one of the truly inevitable things in life. And baby, it ain’t taxes.
And that is my opinion and I am sticking to it.


If you have something to say, say it, I am not easily offended.

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