Opine Revisited

February 7, 2017

There are probably, and I say probably because I just do not care to think that long and hard so early in the morning, many things that I take for granted. Just what and why these things are is a mystery, at the moment, to me. It could be nature, it could nurture and of course, it could be something totally different of which I am, at the moment, ignorant. I am, of course, assuming(ass, u, me, we all know this definition)everyone knows the difference between ignorant and stupid. If not educate yourself and look it up, I am not a teacher and this is what I do when I try to use words that I think I know what they mean and upon investigation find out that either I was correct, sort of correct or totally off base. Granted that I usually use the Internet to find my answers, I have to be equally vigilant that what I find is fact or fiction. As I do often, I am wandering further astray from my original thought. Opinion.
Now and again I question my own just for the reason that, if I stop and ponder it a bit I begin to wonder just where it came from and upon what foundations is it built. When in doubt turn to someone whose judgment and/or opinion, and there is a difference between the two, again look it up, on a specific topic you trust. At the moment I can think of only one living person, Neil deGrasse Tyson.
If you have ever listened to, on radio or podcast, or watched on television, or had the opportunity to see him in person I can only imagine that noone could argue that Mr. Tyson does not, in the true sense of the word, have a unique cosmic view.
In his most recent National Geographic Channel Start Talk show he summarized, quite elegantly, I believe, the various types of opinion. While you may not agree with most of the views of his main guest, Bill Maher, it is well worth wading through, or just fast forward, just for the conclusion of the show. If it does not give you pause for thought then, well, we both may be lost.
At least that is my opinion.


If you have something to say, say it, I am not easily offended.

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