Short Memories and a Lot of Balls

February 1, 2017

I know I can usually only speak for myself when it comes to having a short memory. I tend to blame it on either the fact that I most probably am not paying that close attention to what may be going on around me or that I may be entering the realm of some kind of age-related memory disorder. Of course, those two reasons may also be connected but as of yet I have not been tested and my primary care physician insists that I do not really want to know. That decision is still solely left up to me and I have not yet figured out what I want to do. This in itself may be related to the two issues above. There seems to be a Catch-22 issue involved.
I am also not much in the public eye and have very few close friends so the number of avenues able to be used to remind me of past positions is limited. Even with the very few close friends and family members, I think that people are very reluctant to remind us unless there is a point to be made or an advantage to be gained. In either case, most just do not want to get involved.
Politicians on the other hand always seem to glom onto the limelight of the 24-hour news cycle cameras for both of the above reasons. Do they forget that what is recorded in this technological day and age is digital, broadcast endlessly and shared on social media to the point of exhaustion? And I might add much more easily retrievable than just from someone else’s recollections.
So when someone steps before a camera and/or microphone to feign disgust at the latest outrage being perpetrated, it is somewhat, if not totally scurrilous, that not too long ago you just might have been standing before these same cameras doing just the same thing.
Sir, you have a lot of balls and a much worse memory than my own. And we have it all recorded in digital memory.


If you have something to say, say it, I am not easily offended.

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