Hot Button Catch Phrases

January 31, 2017

Politicians and the vindictive beware.

As we go about our everyday routines we probably do not intentionally pay close attention to everything. The people talking nearby in our workplace, the radio in our cars, the tv’s that provide the white noise we so desperately need while we do the humdrum chores at home, the feeds on our Facebook and Twitter pages, the notifications that incessantly pop up on our phones and computers.
But every so often our minds do something akin to owl or Exorcist head spins just at the mention of a certain word or phrase. Suddenly undivided attention comes into play, tempers rise and that sense of injustice roiling in our chests. Usually, at this point, it is a raw emotion which can govern our immediate actions.
There are several groups of people who know and use this reaction to their benefit-see above. Some even seem to delight and thrive in its creation and aftermath.
Calm down. Take a deep breath. Or two. Let the moment pass. Let your rational mind regain control. See these actions for what they are. Tactics. An agenda.
Forego the lashing out. Let cooler heads prevail. Add to the ever increasing number of biting-your-tongue scars and resist uttering/typing those words, once said/published, which will forever remain irretrievable. This course may not, at this particular moment, be in any way fulfilling but we shall see another day with one less pushable button.


If you have something to say, say it, I am not easily offended.

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