Most Interesting Times

January 28, 2017

From varied points of view and even more varied times in our history it could be said by any particular group of people that we are living, or soon will be, in most interesting times.
Unfoundedly originating from an old Chinese saying, purporting to be an ironical curse, the times indeed they are changing and very soon may become most interesting for many.
Now that one political party has influence, if not complete control, over each of the three branches of our government, most of the state’s governorships and at least half of both houses of all our states legislative bodies, it is inconceivable for one not to assume that the word “mandate” will not become much overused in the coming years. If it is said often enough and loud enough and purported to be the truth by those who govern us, those who daily give us the news they have chosen what we need to know and any radio/tv show personality and blogger with a dedicated following, it will one day be the truth, as we will come to accept knowing it.
Let the most interesting times roll.


If you have something to say, say it, I am not easily offended.

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