January 23, 2017

We carry change in our pockets. Yes, the few coins receive when the paper money was just too much for the overall asking price. That is unless we eschew cash and rely on plastic.
We change our clothes. If we are lucky enough to have a closet with extra garments just so we do not look the same day after day and start to take on a ripe, personal space increasing smell.
We change our habits. Usually only after a life altering event that hopefully has just scared the beJesus out of us.
We change our minds. Rarely. We have put so much time and effort into becoming the person we are, the person we aspire to be, the person others think we should be that a change on this scale is probably harder than kicking an acquired drug/nicotine/alcohol addiction. Interventions based on data, facts, alternate facts, testimony hold no sway. Our minds have been made up and will never ever be altered. Unless we can say, “I’m sorry, I was wrong.” And just when was the last time anyone of us voluntarily said that? And meant it?


If you have something to say, say it, I am not easily offended.

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