Goofy Isn’t Just a Disney Character

January 19, 2017

I can be fabulously clumsy, but since I live alone there are never many around to see the funny things that I do and/or happen to me except for my cat and she is pledged to silence, less I stop feeding her and giving her fresh water almost every day.
During the winter, when I am seasonally unemployed, and I do not leave the house very often so that cuts down on witnesses but take it from me goofy things happen to me or I actually initiate them. Perhaps it may be because I do a lot of repetitious things that keep me doing what I need to do to make it through most days. Without the routine, I invariably fall into my default state of procrastination (You do not want to know just how long it took me to pull that word from my increasingly failing memory even though I knew I knew the word I just could not retrieve it. This may not be goofy but just a reminder that other things may be at play here.) with the occasional bout of binge-watching. Maybe with the routine comes not paying attention or paying attention to the wrong things.
It helps to have a sense of humor to get through these moments. If you can not laugh at yourself, just what business do you have laughing at someone else unless it is just to keep from crying.


If you have something to say, say it, I am not easily offended.

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