I Write But I Don’t Write Write

January 18, 2017

One does not always need a reason or even a season to write a few thoughts down in bits and bytes and I choose this medium over pen and paper only because my handwriting can become so atrocious when I am hurriedly trying to keep up with my thoughts. A keyboard is, at least sometimes for me faster and much, much more easily edited should I decide to change something later on. I have been told and I can also sense that something handwritten is a little more personal than an inkjet printed page of thoughts in that one might be able to gather a better sense of a person by their handwriting rather than the cold mistake free printed page. I guess I could agree but my scrawl is becoming worse with age and can sometimes not even be considered writing anymore. More a mixture of semi-block printed letters and cursive remnants dictated by habit than long ago grade school lessons on coarse lined paper.

I do still buy pens with which to write at times when a computer is not easily accessible and not the proper medium for jotting down the brief note about a passing thought of which you desire to keep a more than tenuous mental memory. I know that there are apps for that on one’s phone but that would entail more effort unlocking the phone and running the app than there would be just grabbing an always present pen from my pocket. I do like the way the new gel-based inks flow from a large rollerball tipped pens even though I may not be able to accurately decipher just what I wrote at a later point in time or connect the jotting to the whole thought stream I might have been having. At least I made the attempt.


If you have something to say, say it, I am not easily offended.

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