Sorry, This is My Only Mind and I’ll Just Have to Live With It

January 17, 2017

I love the English language, American English that is. Probably because I can only profess to be semi-literate in the only one dialect. Speak to me in any of the other English dialects or one of the 6900 plus other languages on our planet and I will most probably look at you like the proverbial indignant American tourist abroad until my senses kick in and I once again return to some sense of humility and the less than worldly American that I am.
Sometimes a word or series of words pops into my head and I marvel at its meaning, cadence, connotation and several other traits that I just can not seem to recall at the moment. A couple of words prompted the start of this post but as happens so many times concentrating on these words have left those words lost in the foggy confines of my own mind. If I happen to remember at some point in the future I will continue with this post. If not I do believe that these words will be relegated to “Draft” status and may never see the LCD lights of your computer screen.
Okay, it is the future and I still have no idea what those initial words were and rather than condemn these words to the pit of “Drafts” I release them just to give you, the reader, a little insight to the everyday happenings in my world, as limited and boring as it is. I have learned to live with it and not be too disappointed that this is all there may be.

PS This was supposed to be titled, “Sorry, English Is My First and Only Language”, but since I got a little off track here I will have to come up with a new title. Perhaps I will revisit the original thought at another time. Mind willing.


If you have something to say, say it, I am not easily offended.

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