On the Other Hand There is a Shoe on the Other Foot

December 14, 2016

Imagine if you will, that for as long as you can remember many of the beliefs that you hold dear, the ones held at bay by a political system the polar opposite of your world, causing your gut to rebel and your sensibilities to rankle.  But then, miraculously, as though moved by the hand of God himself, an avenue, lit by what may seem the glorious lights of heaven above, is opened where all things may be made right again. Praise be.
The righteous can now, for the first time in their own short living memory, come forth and lead all to a better, saner world as intended. Where once there was a house divided there is now a house consolidated where anything is possible.
A congress of elected men, and a few women, will propose new laws that will sweep away the misguided tyranny of old. A nation’s new leader will give legitimacy to these visions with the stroke of a pen and an newly appointed judiciary will confirm that legitimacy with the pounding of their gavel.
As it is written, so let it be done. Clunk.
All things ARE truly possible. Amen.


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