A Brisk Morning Walk

December 8, 2016

Okay, I’ve had my morning walk on a cool, shall we brisk, Fall day and my head has cleared of all its nonsense. Let’s just start from scratch and assume I want some specific things from the people who govern me and will, in my own self interest, vote for the candidates, on local, state and federal levels, who I, using my own sense of decency/morality, logic and knowledge, will give me the best chance to feel that I have indeed done the right thing and not wasted my vote.

I would like to see Social Security continued, as it sure does help pay the bills, even though I still work 6 months out of every year to also help pay the bills. I do enjoy the healthcare coverage Medicare and my employer provide but even that coverage could leave me one extended illness away from bankruptcy, unless something changes. I would like to see something humanely done about immigration without the Statue of Liberty ripping out the pages in the book she holds. After all we are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants many of whom suffered the same slights and prejudices as our immigrants of today suffer. I would like to see something done about National Security without the treading on and shredding of our constitutional rights in the name of safety and without the hysteria. I would like to see everyone pay their fair share of taxes for all the benefits of living in a country of such freedoms. The list goes on and on and now I just have to find a candidates or candidates who will give me a path towards such a country. Any suggestions? And please not anyone with just promises wanting to get on the government gravy train, but someone with vision and desire. Again, any suggestions? PEOTUS the ball is in your court.


If you have something to say, say it, I am not easily offended.

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