Tweets for the Tweet

December 30, 2016

It may have come to your attention, and I do not know just how you might have missed it during the marathon presidential primary campaign season, the actual presidential candidate pre-election face-off, all the post-election recriminations, soul searching, abounding coulda-woulda-shouldas, that our soon to be inaugurated president tweets. And he tweets a lot, it seems.
I don’t know if it is inherent in the nature of a tweet to be a sudden, gut inspired emotional welling out on any topic, which at the precise moment, is about to have your undivided attention, the next 140 characters of your life and be irretrievably shared by one’s followers and whomever else follows your followers retweets. It can all be very social media confusing.
I propose that we all take a moment and give the snarkiness a little time to pass, let thought and reason, somewhat, regain control. After all, none of our basic attitudes are going to change in the brief respite and we are less liable to have one of those, “Oops, did I just really say that out loud.”, unless that indeed was the intended purpose in the first place.
Then, to quote the once famous Rosanna Rosanna Danna, “Nevermind.”


This Petty Pace

December 29, 2016

I am not much to look at. You could walk by me on a crowded street, or even one not so crowded, and you might not take notice of me at all.
My hair is greying/whitening, getting a little sparse in the typical hereditary spots, yet I still need haircuts unless I want to be mistaken for a homeless man. No offense to homeless men who, when it probably becomes a choice between haircut or food, food probably wins every time.
I may walk a little slow at times, usually when there is no place I have to be at no special time or if I am early getting somewhere and the leisurely pace suits me. At the present time there are no physical infirmities which dictate my pace but I am quite sure that time will someday change things.
When, and if I leave the comforts of home, it is usually for the necessities-food, fuel, haircuts, family gatherings, and preventative doctor visits. Fuel, food for myself, and for my precious MINI which carts this boney ass around when destinations are out of walking range. Living out in a rural area of Central New York pretty much guarantees all destinations outside walking range. But, if push came to shove I could make do. There happens to be a market just down the road well within healthy exercise range but on the edge of being able to physically carry, without discomfort, too much weight back home. I know from experience.
Interaction with other living humans is not one of my limited fortes. When I am indeed out and about in my small pond of humanity, it is also for food, though of two different sorts, physical and for thought. I do like a good breakfast, usually around brunch time. I have yet to find the perfect spot that not only serves up eggs, toast, hash browns and a good cup of coffee or juice to my hard to please expectations but also has comfortable seating, pleasant, attentive staff, an interesting view and at least a few people to watch when/if I am not engrossed in the latest novel by one of authors whose hardback books line the shelves at home.
All in all it is a good life. I might, at some point, consider trading it in on a new life but the new life would have to be way, way more better. Comfort being what it is, at least known comfort, compared to expectation. And then again would I even recognize a better life if I stepped into it tomorrow. One can hope. One can hope.

Fickle Finger

December 23, 2016

The past can often have a long, long cold reach.

He had hoped that she would once again accept his offer to join him for coffee. Christmas was fast approaching and finding free time with her job commitments, a growing, maturing child, friends and family could be a scheduling nightmare. Nonetheless.
“Coffee. Pre or post Xmas” he texted. Texting could be so much more thought out than an awkward phonecall. Spur of the moment was never his forte. Texting also offered an invisible cloak of comfort against the possibility of disappointment. It was easier to shrug off a “No” in text rather than speech. The voice can be so betraying. Their initial coffee meet-up had proved to be less intimidating than expected and her offhanded comment of “Doing this again.” was much appreciated. Friends are often much harder to cultivate than lovers as the lifespan of one can far exceed the other.
He had liked her from their first meeting. She had reminded him, of course, of another woman from the distant past. Who knows just why we make these connections, sometimes we just do. She had always seemed to be friendly and outgoing to most of the people she encountered and over the years this had never seemed to change. It was hard to imagine that she might have a darker side but then just being on the periphery, the outside looking in as it were, it was next to impossible to know enough to learn either way. Why spoil the illusion with the truth, if there was indeed one to be told.
Her return text, “Pre. 9am. Where? Have meetings in am prior to leaving for Christmas with family.” Subsequent texts arranged an agreed upon location.
Being the person that I am, it would occur to me to be somewhat late just to see what would happen but also being the person that I am that kind of subterfuge would never take place. If anything I would be early and would be comfortable waiting.
She would be the one to be late. Her life always seemed more hectic than my own as I am wont to simplify my life in order to avoid most complications. As always, once settled, she would be her personable self, far from hard on the eyes and a comforting influence. Conversation, also not one of my fortes, was easy, the coffee hot and the breakfast rolls both warm and extra sweet enough to make the teeth sing.
I had brought with me a gift, appropriate for the holidays, expecting nothing in return except perhaps a wonderful smile. A small silver colored carved box, long ago purchased from some now forgotten flea market, wrapped with a decorative red ribbon from a previous West Coast chocolate purchase, housing the gift. A gift once purchased with other intentions in mind at the time. Perhaps now it would find a rightful home.

In This Petty Pace

December 20, 2016

Each and every day we, the living, move ever closer to an end, a journey which all men before us have taken no matter how unconsciously in our youth or reluctantly as our age advances with an ever increasing preponderant search for meaning and a long, sometimes wistful, look back at the regrets.

Imagine if you will, that for as long as you can remember many of the beliefs that you hold dear, the ones held at bay by a political system the polar opposite of your world, causing your gut to rebel and your sensibilities to rankle.  But then, miraculously, as though moved by the hand of God himself, an avenue, lit by what may seem the glorious lights of heaven above, is opened where all things may be made right again. Praise be.
The righteous can now, for the first time in their own short living memory, come forth and lead all to a better, saner world as intended. Where once there was a house divided there is now a house consolidated where anything is possible.
A congress of elected men, and a few women, will propose new laws that will sweep away the misguided tyranny of old. A nation’s new leader will give legitimacy to these visions with the stroke of a pen and an newly appointed judiciary will confirm that legitimacy with the pounding of their gavel.
As it is written, so let it be done. Clunk.
All things ARE truly possible. Amen.

A Brisk Morning Walk

December 8, 2016

Okay, I’ve had my morning walk on a cool, shall we brisk, Fall day and my head has cleared of all its nonsense. Let’s just start from scratch and assume I want some specific things from the people who govern me and will, in my own self interest, vote for the candidates, on local, state and federal levels, who I, using my own sense of decency/morality, logic and knowledge, will give me the best chance to feel that I have indeed done the right thing and not wasted my vote.

I would like to see Social Security continued, as it sure does help pay the bills, even though I still work 6 months out of every year to also help pay the bills. I do enjoy the healthcare coverage Medicare and my employer provide but even that coverage could leave me one extended illness away from bankruptcy, unless something changes. I would like to see something humanely done about immigration without the Statue of Liberty ripping out the pages in the book she holds. After all we are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants many of whom suffered the same slights and prejudices as our immigrants of today suffer. I would like to see something done about National Security without the treading on and shredding of our constitutional rights in the name of safety and without the hysteria. I would like to see everyone pay their fair share of taxes for all the benefits of living in a country of such freedoms. The list goes on and on and now I just have to find a candidates or candidates who will give me a path towards such a country. Any suggestions? And please not anyone with just promises wanting to get on the government gravy train, but someone with vision and desire. Again, any suggestions? PEOTUS the ball is in your court.


December 6, 2016

In the only language that I sometimes consider myself semi-fluent, English, there are few words that do not carry the excess baggage of connotation. It is becoming increasingly more difficult, perhaps because the extra effort is being made, to not marginalize perspective readers of our words. I know we are most always trying to make a statement from a particular viewpoint but losing the reader due to a particular connotation of a certain word sort of defeats the purpose unless you are only preaching to the choir or actually meant to inflame.
A case in point. I think that we could all generally agree that an assembly, an audience, a throng and a mob could effectively describe a bunch of people gathered together. Where the difference lays, and I can never figure out if it should be lays or lies even when it is explained to me, is as I see it the intent which one wishes to convey.
I imagine that an assembly can embrace all the other three options in varying degrees. An audience could equally do so but with the possibility of a bad outcome in one of the cases. A throng likewise. And a mob. A mob is just the other three most likely tending toward a less than desired outcome.

And my dilemma. Trump supporters. Individually they could easily fit into anyone of the categories on any given day following any given tweet or rally. We will have to wait and see. After all we all have to live together and I could be pleasantly surprised and find myself wrong, yet another time.

In the aftermath of what may just turn out to be our most divisive election season, upcoming inauguration and the next four years of making America great again, it is becoming increasingly difficult to delve past present day headlines in the search of substance to feed an ever increasing hunger for information on what has happened, why it happened and what may happen next without having to slog through the ever present partisan opinions, cherry-picked facts/studies/polls/statistics and mean-spirited rhetoric of both the defeated and the mandate claimants. I would hate to have my fallback position be, “It is what it is.”