Arriving on Track 47

November 26, 2016

It surprises me from time to time the stations that one’s train of thought often visits.

The remembered emotion caused by a few simple words of gratitude from a man who had just lost his wife, the parents, both taken at too young an age, other family members, a girl much younger than myself when I was still in highschool, people I now know whose parents are reaching that age that every day extra is a blessing. I do not seem to handle death well, so I tend to avoid, no matter the cost, situations regarding the same. Yet these times can not be fully avoided and even though you know there will never be the words to express your sorrow, the silence can say volumes, if you are listening.
As guarded as one can keep their own heart, the wall is never perfect and one day we too will leave behind the grievers and the memories, to no matter how few.

This train of thought is now leaving the station for yet another stop, for now. All aboard.