Reading interrupted

October 19, 2016

There it was again. That four letter word, in the same current book of fiction that is occupying my now ever present spare time. And also the same pause. The reflection on its meaning, the memories stirred, of heartache and joy both received and given and the ever recurring thoughts of another chance. Yet, will time and past indiscretions favor another attempt or is it just folly in the future.
I would tell those who are alone, if I knew of those to tell, that there are worse places one could be and that the desire to not be alone comes with its own inherent risks, many of which should best be avoided. Hopefully, by now, we know ourselves well enough to judge whether the risks are worth seeking the rewards.
I, myself, am still in the undecided column if only because the last opportunity to present itself was years ago, and I declined, and there is nothing on the horizon now but more sunrises and sunsets. I would have to label myself content. Yet content, I find, is really never enough for someone who quietly desires more.