Bad Choices

May 30, 2016

We make a lot of bad choices. as long as “wonder what this does” is not your last four words, I imagine that we can just chalk most of them, if they are not continually repeated, to learning experiences.

Learning experience #1
Picking that last portion of home fries, you just finished transferring to your plate, out of the pan with your fingers. Yes the pan was hot, real f**king hot. Do not do that again. Not rocket science here folks. Something you should have learned on your own as a child, stove related=hot.
Learning experience #2
Chocolate and Peanuts. You know you love them both and the urge when they are residing in the pantry at the same time to have a handful or two of each can be irresistibly appealing. but it is almost near bedtime and you do remember your acid reflux don’t you. i guess not. another semi-sleepless night awaits you. i am still struggling with this one.
Learning experience #3
Relationships. I am reminded that a relative of mine is about to cast his lot in life with the 3rd, future, ex-mrs. ******, insert your own wayward relatives name here. We are not close, but I would want to put both hands around his neck and scream at him, “What the f**k are you doing”, only I imagine to be met with sad eyes pleading, “I must follow my heart.” I too have been down this path many times and have learned that the heart, along with other male body parts, can be a piss poor leader, no eyes and that constant beating must just drive it so crazy sometimes. This can cause it to lead us into seemingly new and uncharted waters no matter how many times we have been there before. When it comes to the heart and relationships, it seems there can be a disconnect and we do not easily learn. My own heart goes out to those who have learned and i wish you all the happiness your life brings you.
Learning experience #4
Of course there had to be four or the baseball homerun tie-in would make no sense.
Homeruns. You knew it when you hit it. It felt that good. You hesitated just a second to let your eyes confirm that it was true and you were indeed that lucky. Then all you had to do was touch all the bases and the act would be complete and all your teammates would be there at the end to congratulate you. Is not that what life should be like, in the end. Brings a tear to my eye every time i think about it. Hopefully we all get to hit that homerun, one way or another and get to remember it. otherwise what was the point. Nothing but struggling with our experiences is not all it should be. Learn people, learn.


I Wish I Were Dancing

May 17, 2016

Often when listening to music that has a particular catchy rhythm to it, I fantasize about being in the arms of a beautiful woman, moving in perfect unison, through room after changing room, to the captivating beat. Long gliding steps with turns and spins and whirls with interspersed pizzicato almost tap dance like moves. Thoughts turn to past images of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire from the late 40’s and through the 50’s movies so prevalent on the small black and white tv sets of the day. Alas, my own particular style of grace tends toward Gene and Fred, yes, but Wilder and Flintstone. Yet one can dream.

Talk to me

May 15, 2016

One would think that there was an initial reason. Lost and needing direction, a little curiosity or just plain happenstance. The first few words out are the most difficult because of the initial comfort levels we all bring along with us every day whether you are the first to speak or respond. We do our best, I think, at the times we are caught unaware. No defenses, no preconceived notions, no trying, just being. Let the situation take care of itself, there will be time later after you have done way too much thinking and analyzing to make those awkward mistakes while you are trying a little too hard to make a better impression or seem smarter than you need to be. Being who you really are is what you are trying to get across, if trying is actually the case. You will be pleasantly surprised. And looking back will consider that it was not you at all but rather the other person who somehow brought out the better you. Just because you talked to me.

On the mend

May 6, 2016

Below is the body of a text sent out to various people who seemed to want to be informed of my status after the rotator cuff surgery on April 28th.

Shoulder surgery recovery update.

The drugs have not taken over my life just yet but they do help manage what pain there has been. The routine, 10 sets of 20 reps of 3 different minimal exercises, followed by 30 minute ice pack applications does however occupy a lot of time between the online poker therapy sessions, which are also going well. My sister, Mindy, has been a life line to the outside world of grocery shopping, laundry runs and doctor appointments. As independent as some of us try to be, to a fault I am sure in some of your opinions in my case, there are just some things we need help with and I will thankfully take it. I do not know if it shows just who these texts go out to but feel free to forward these Condition Reports to anyone you may think would be interested, no HIPA waiver required.