Things Change

May 31, 2009

It’s a movie.
It’s a life lesson.
Things are more often than not as they appear, yet, like the weather wait and it will invariably change, given time and circumstance. People’s assumptions and expectations often create what seems to be, for the moment. Being a consistent self, things will change around you, affect you, change your own self to a self anew. The process continues.
The journey, not alone the destination.
A conscious thought or lack thereof, a word here, a silence there, a done deed or a paralyzing inaction, all a part of the sum.
Until it is done.


The First

May 11, 2009

The first memory. Clouded by the ensuing years and probably badly recalled.

The first kiss.

The first sex. Later in life than most and hardly the first despite her youth.

The first wife. Followed, like 50% of first marriages, by the first divorce and the last in both cases.

The first child. Cast away by thoughtless and youthful indifference.

The first drugs. Never tell the uninitiated that they do not feel good, because they feel great. Relating the journey of wasted time and the people left behind is only advice, usually not taken.

The first loss of family. Far too soon before the growing up started and perhaps a participating factor.

The first heart attack. A wakeup call from a misspent youth and a possible future. Unless.

The first will. While able, just in case, so wishes will be honored.

The first. All of the above.